Stemformatics is a collaboration between the stem cell and bioinformatics community.

We were motivated by the plethora of exciting cell models in the public and private domains, and the realisation that for many biologists these were mostly inaccessible. We wanted a fast way to find and visualise interesting genes in these exemplar stem cell datasets. We'd like you to explore. You'll find data from leading stem cell laboratories in a format that is easy to search, easy to visualise and easy to export.

Stemformatics is not a substitute for good collaboration between bioinformaticians and stem cell biologists. We think of it as a stepping stone towards that collaboration.

Our Core Team
Christine Wells
Project Leader
Rowland Mosbergen
Othmar Korn
Tyrone Chen
Data importer
Isha Nagpal
Chris Pacheco Rivera
Our Annotators
Chris Pacheco Rivera
Jessica Schwarber (former)
Suzanne Butcher (former)
Elizabeth Mason (former)
Alejandro Vitale (former)
Jill Shepherd (former)
Our Students
Ariane Mora
Sadia Waleem
Huan Wang
Isaac Virshup (former)
Melinda Wang (former)
Peter Zhang (former)
How to Cite Us

Please ensure that you cite the original publications describing the datasets hosted by Stemformatics.

To cite Stemformatics, please use:
Wells CA et al Stemformatics: Visualisation and sharing of stem cell gene expression. Stem Cell Research, DOI


Our current list of funders include:

  • ARC Special Research Initiative to Stem Cells Australia (SR1101002)
  • ARC Discovery Project (DP130100777)
  • ARC Future Fellowship (FT150100330)
  • JEM Research Foundation philanthropic funding
  • QLD Government Smart Futures Fellowship
  • University of Melbourne Centre for Stem Cell Systems

Suggest a Dataset

You can suggest a dataset that goes straight into our dataset queue, Agile_org.

Past Partners