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This is a portal to a series of public experiments describing mouse and human stem cells and how they differentiate to become mature cells, tissues and organs.

You'll find data from leading stem cell laboratories in a format that is easy to search, easy to visualise and easy to export. Log in to run and save your own analyses.

Project Grandiose

Access the homepage of Project Grandiose that was released in Nature and Nature Communications in December 2014.


Choose from 281 public studies with 4682 human and 1543 mouse samples. Filter by author, cell type or keyword. Click on the icons for easy access to interesting datasets.

Need Help? New Help System now in place!

New interactive tutorials that take you through many of Stemformatics' most important tools step-by-step, as well as new in-page help that gives specific help for certain pages.

Pathway Analysis via InnateDB

Find out all the pathways that intersect a gene list. Simply go to the gene search page and click on My Gene Lists. You can then select a gene list and then under Analysis select one of the five InnateDB analyses.

Yugene Interactive Graph

Compare stem cell gene expressions across all the Stemformatics datasets. You can zoom in and even hover over the bars for more information.


Compare up to four datasets. You will be asked to choose a gene and then up to four datasets. Please note that you have to be logged in.


Upload, cluster, create heatmaps, analyse and share lists of genes, compare with public stem cell gene lists and pathways. With most of these analyses, you will need to register. Registration is free.

Project Grandiose
See Project Grandiose's roadmap of cell reprogramming


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Stemformatics is the collaboration platform of Stem Cells Australia.


Analyse and visualise stem cell gene lists. Compare with public gene lists and Kegg pathways. Look for differential expression and co-expression and generate heatmaps to visualise expression patterns.

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