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Stemformatics aims to provide high quality curated gene expression data to the research community. It evolved from the idea that an observation in one dataset is anecdotal, becomes generalisable if a pattern is seen across several datasets, and predicts rules of cell behaviour if observed at sufficient scale. You will find a number of ways to explore the data here, as well as a suite of intuitive tools for visualising the data. We also host our novel integrated atlases, which can be explored directly or used as references in determining cell identity.

Data types in Stemformatics

Stemformatics was originally developed for the stem cell community, hence it has a major focus on pluripotency, tissue stem cells, and staged differentiation - especially on haematopoietic cell types. It has since expanded its repertoire to include many other cell types, including neurons and disease samples such as leukaemic cells. More details can be found in our most recent publication.

Datasets by platform type

(Above are publicly available datasets. We also host additional datasets which remain private to collaborators until publication.)

Examples of common cell types

New Stemformatics website

Stemformatics has been running for over 10 years now. We have recently developed a new website, leveraging the latest software technologies available. If you were a previous user of Stemformatics, you'll mostly find a subset of the same data which were hosted on the previous site, with improved annotations and accessible with a new set of visualisation tools. Mouse datasets are still accessible through individual dataset ids, but are omitted from various searches.

Looking for the old site? It's been decommisioned now. Contact us if you need to access data from the old site.

Looking for a private dataset you used to access? Please contact us.

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